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Welcome to Viral Cat! We like how cats behave like cats and we love it when cats go viral. We also believe that human creative endeavours should go viral, too, so after playing with the kitties, peruse our Literary Alley. You'll find select prose, poetry, and art from our latest issue interspersed among our cool cats below. You'll also find our latest Viral Cat Exclusive, "Feeding the Farm Kittehs."

Ghost Walks 42 by Christopher Barnes

…Fixed paperclipped tip off

Counterfoiled by (under wraps).

Marilyn Monroe turned out to a chow down

At Peter Lawford’s, in the footsteps of President Kennedy.

Our mole quirked her slant

As utterly, succinctly Leftist…

In our lost tribe’s lingo

A shadowing forth is got by heart.

The Gatley shouter puffed from six feet under,

Cringing, gurgling, macabre.

Cramped by bog residents

At the prophetic yew.

A migrant’s Latin hexameters

Dimmed him – salt fizzle on a slug

Black Hole Skeleton by Emma Sky